Introducing the Resonant panel

Monitor cell-specific biomarkers
of neurodegeneration with our
screening tools.

Unlock Early Insights Into Neuro-degeneration

Resonant’s innovative approach detects cell-free DNA (cfDNA) from dying neurons with high sensitivity and specificity. We've developed a method that not only quantifies cfDNA concentrations in the blood but also identifies its cell-of-origin. This gives us a snapshot
of biomarkers of neurodegeneration from cortical, dopamine, and motor neurons.

Our panel is designed to equip physicians with early neurodgenerative insights to help patients make decisions that will preserve their quality of life the longest.

The Resonant panel Timeline

A Novel Liquid Biopsy Approach For Physicians to Detect early, cell-specific biomarkers of neurodegeneration.

How This Impacts You


Of individuals dementia,
including Alzheimer’s disease,
are undiagnosed.1


Months is the average delay
in ALS diagnosis.2


Of dopamine neurons in the substantia nigra have already been lost at the clinical onset of Parkinson’s disease.3

Recent Studies

Resonant is currently conducting a multi-phase validation study across 3 cell-types associated with neurodegenerative diseases:

Cortical Neurons — Alzheimer's disease Dopamine Neurons — Parkinson's disease Motor Neurons — Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

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Looking Ahead: Accessing Our Tests

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2. Collect patient blood samples.

3. Package and ship your patients'
blood samples to us.

4. View the status of your patients' samples and recieve real-time updates in Resonant's Portal for Providers.

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